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Key Largo Tiki Cruise


Best Tiki Cruise Islamorada

Key Largo Tiki Cruise


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We have an onboard bathroom (referred to as a Head)! I know that might sound silly but have you ever been on a small crowded boat and have to use the restroom and there wasn’t one? When you’re out on the waters of the Keys for a few hours staying hydrated you will eventually need a bathroom. The other tiki cruises in the Keys do not have a Head on board.

It doesn’t matter how close you are to your mates on board, most people aren’t that close when you have to go. It gets worse when you are sharing a cruise with people you don’t know. The options are few with other tiki cruises throughout the Florida Keys.

So what world your options be if there isn’t an onboard Head on a different tiki cruise. Well…. “Man overboard!” and even still you don’t have much privacy. Even when the sun goes down on your sunset cruise – there’s still a lot of light!

It’s hard to market a Tiki Cruise based on having a Head but it is a major factor of why we are considered the Florida Keys Best Tiki Cruise!

eilif serck-hanssen
Tons of fun. Must do activity with friends and family visiting Florida. The Nautical Tiki teams are 👏
Kaydee Daniel
Awesome ride today! Will definitely return!
Kelcie Rounds
AMAZING!!!!! Mervin (our captain) was soo nice and took us to an amazing spot to watch the sunset. Let us connect to his Bluetooth to play our music. Such an amazing experience
Darla Morera
Maria Falciano
We went on this beautiful 6 person pontoon and had the most wonderful experience!! Lucky for us it was our anniversary weekend and it was just the two of us! Do not hesitate!!! You won’t regret it!! 🩵😎🏖️ Will add pics…
Jane Cavalier
Merv is awesome!!!! Fantastic afternoon!
Gordon Roylance
Great cruise......The captain could not have been more accommodating. This is where you want to see your sunset
LODC Board of Directors
Merv is a great captain. We saw dolphin and manatee. What a pleasure.
Lacey Lynn
We had a great last minute sunset trip that was absolutely amazing! Had a blast and the Captain went above and beyond to make sure we had the best experience! Drinks, dolphins and sunsets for my 40th birthday!

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